Why Does Your Business Need REAL Reviews?

Simple – 92% of Online Shoppers Say They Make Buying Decisions Based On REAL REVIEWS

  • We Have NEVER Seen Anything Like This… Mobile users are using GOOGLE to search for everything from dance classes to haircuts and fine restaurants.
  • PLUS… google just announced that over 22% of all mobile searches are “voice search” and most shoppers base their buy decisions on the REVIEWS they see in the listings!
  • Today’s shoppers are the MOST Informed in the entire history of commerce.
  • PLUS… your REAL clients reviews of your company will help buying decisions for new prospects more than any other marketing.

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In Today’s Marketplace You NEED Reviews Online…

Reviews Help Your Company in Searches, Conversions and Sales – PERIOD.

If YOU want new customers you have to get real, relevant reviews…

    • Google is the KING of search engines and according to the latest research extracted from Searchengineland, we at ImagePro Reviews can PROVE that YOUR companies Online Reviews make a huge difference in your companies Exposure online.
    • Reviews online can account for as much as 10% of your rankings. With our proprietary platform we not only make getting New Reviews EASY… we also help you get as many 4 and 5 star reviews as possible – ALL WITHOUT YOU DOING ANY costly marketing!
    • When you try our platform for FREE, you’ll see how easy and fun it is to get your clients to say great things about you and the company.
    • And you WON’T be spending $2000/mo. paying a Reputation Firm to help you.

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MOST small business can’t afford $2000 – $5,000 a MONTH to rank their companies in google. I know I couldn’t. For most small companies there simply isn’t any ROI to warrant that cost.

And, while some platforms exist to help you generate reviews and get client feedback… all are expensive and CLUNKY.

Some require a masters degree in technology to even get started!

PLUS the average cost for these systems normally exceeds $400 a month and to make them even LESS EFFECTIVE than they already are… very few of them allow YOU the ability to run the dashboard and even fewer allow SMS text message capabilities.

OUR PLATFORM DOES… Honestly, I wanted something a 5 year old could do.

Well, our team developed it and it rocks… ImagePro Reviews SMS platform is simple, easy and for the first 30 days… it’s FREE

And then once you know you can’t survive without it, we’ve made it so affordable everyone laughs at us – BUT we don’t care.

Yes, we could charge a lot more for it each month, but as small business owners we wanted to give back to our friends out there MAKING IT HAPPEN everyday in the marketplace.

Enjoy our software for FREE and take it for a “test ride” without any pushy salesman calling.

  • No 20 emails every day trying to SELL
  • No one will hound you to purchase
  • No technical skills required

Here at ImagePro Reviews we’re all about EASY. Actually, our clients tell us THIS is EXACTLY what they have been praying for. Start your free test ride TODAY!

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